Shogo system

Shogo-rules Netherlands Kendo Renmei

Shogo titles are awarded exclusively by the board of the NKR. The board makes no public pronouncements on substantive arguments regarding whether or not to award. A candidate whose award is denied may request a verbal explanation of the denial by the president of the NKR.

To be eligible for the title of renshi or kyoshi, a candidate must meet at least the following conditions:

  1. Members of the NKR may apply for the title renshi from one year after achieving the sixth dan in the discipline concerned; kyoshi from two years after achieving the seventh dan in the discipline concerned.
  2. To be eligible for the title renshi, the candidate must have the diploma Teacher of Martial Arts (LMA), level 3.
  3. To be eligible for the title kyoshi, the title renshi must have already been awarded.
  4. The application must be in writing, addressed to the President of the NKR, accompanied by a curriculum vitae of relevant experience and achievements.
  5. The title renshi or kyoshi can be granted by the board of the NKR if it is proven that the candidate meets the conditions mentioned in Article 7 of the EKF Grading Rules. These include especially extraordinary personal qualities and comparable achievements, especially in the field of training and organization. This may include organizing major events such as a European Championship or major international seminar as well as long term board memberships. A candidate must therefore have been of extraordinary significance to the NKR over a long period of time and in a broad sense.

If the above conditions are met, the Board will consider the application.

In meeting, the Board will also assess the following points regarding the general performance of the applicant:

  • All payment obligations in the NKR context have been met.
  • The applicant has been of irreproachable conduct for many years.
  • Multi-year dojo leadership is considered positive, but insufficient as an independent factor.
  • The same applies for many years of board membership.
  • The same applies for many years as an instructor in a dojo or at NKR events.
  • A decision to grant shogo by the board of the NKR must be made by unanimous vote.

There is no examination fee. The fee for registration with the EKF is € 100 per shogo. For this the NKR ensures that the shogo is listed in the online database of the EKF. In addition, the candidate receives a diploma.

The board of the NKR can deprive an NKR member of a previously awarded shogo degree, or order him/her to renounce this degree. This is possible if the board determines that the person in question has dishonored the degree by his/her actions.

These rules were adopted by the board at the board meeting on February 27, 2018. Modified in board meeting held January 18, 2021.