Dutch ladies during the WKC in Korea

The Dutch ladies kendoteam have reached the quarterfinals (best 8!) during the WKC. They fought a good match against team Korea.

Fleur Smout reached the best 16, and Sayo van der Woude made it to the best 8 during the individual women’s tournament.

The Dutch lades did not finished without prize; Sayo van der Woude has been awarded the Fighting Spirit prize for both the women’s individual and team tournament.


From left to right: Olga Morozova, Fleur Smout, Sayo van der Woude, Mariëlla van der Schans, Pakwan Ratchatasavee and in the back Joke de Jong (secretary NKR.

Results Iijima Cup 2018

24 en 25 February the 29th edition of the Iijima Cup took place in Sporthallen Zuid Amsterdam, with again a record in contestants; 231 from 24 different countries.
Saturday 24 February were the individual tournaments and Sunday the 25th was the team tournament.

Kyu Individual:
1 – Duc Tran Minh 
2 – Alexander Gorelik 
3 – Andrea Julius Faletta 
3 – Geert Ham 
FS – Huyen Pham

Ladies Individual:
1 – Pauline Stolarz 
2 – Alina Gdezyk 
3 – Sara van Laecken 
3 – Laure Bellivier 
FS – Lisa van Laecken 

Men Individual:
1 – Sylvain Chodkowski 
2 – Yusaku Izawa 
3 – Arnoud Pons 
3 – Jouke van der Woude 
FS – Tetsuyuki Okuzono 

1 – France 2 
2 – Poland 
3 – France 3 
3 – NL-Men 
FS – Lennert de Moor 

Special prizes
– Aya Kröbl 
– Mariella van der Schans 
– Fanny Lindström 
– Gin Ching 
– Mila Lahdenpohja 
– Natalia Maj 
– Agniezska Wial 
– Lyna Maaziz 

(photos by Tetsuro Miyazaki)