• WKC 2018 draw

    The WKC 2018 draw has been announced

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  • Subscribe to the NKR Calendar

    Subscribing to one or all disciplines of the NKR’s calendars has been made easier.

    Changes in events are updated automatically in your subscribed calendar. You don’t have to doublecheck your and the website’s calendar to see if they are still in sync.

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  • Results Dutch Championships Teams Jodo and Iaido

    Results Dutch Championships Teams Jodo and IaidoContinue reading

  • Results Dutch Kendo Championships 2018


    Dutch Kendo Championships 2018Continue reading

  • Summer seminar Jodo/iaido 2018

    The date for the summer seminar Jodo/Iaido is fast approaching. 6 more weeks.

    See agenda 26 to 30 July.

  • Registration NK Kyu Kendo and NK Teams Kendo

    Don’t forget to register for the upcoming Dutch Championship Kyu individual and Teams (one team per dojo) which will be held in Vlaarding on 17 June 2018

    Registration can be done via this link until Wednesday 13 June 23:59:59

  • Updated Privacy Statement

    We probably aren’t the first one with a message regarding the importance of your privacy. We won’t be the last either. And that’s a good thing! We take your privacy very serious too.Continue reading

  • Kendo Summer Seminar 2018 will take place in Rotterdam

    The Kendo Summer Seminar 2018 will take place in Topsportcentrum Rotterdam due to maintenance in Sporthallen Zuid Amsterdam.

    Visit the NKR website for updates.
    Register here.

  • Results Open Swiss Championships Jodo

    Elise Heijboer 1st place yondan

    Veronica Rijke 3rd place yondan

    Kees Bartels 2nd place kyu-shodan

  • Registration Edo Cup

    Registration for the Edo cup is open.
    Don’t forget to register if you want to compete at one (or more) of the following categories:
    – 3vs3 teams Edo Cup
    – Junior individual
    – Odinot Cup (50+)

    Registration can be done via this link.

  • Results Iijima Cup 2018

    24 en 25 February the 29th edition of the Iijima Cup took place in Sporthallen Zuid Amsterdam, with again a record in contestants; 231 from 24 different countries.
    Saturday 24 February were the individual tournaments and Sunday the 25th was the team tournament.

    Kyu Individual:
    1 – Duc Tran Minh 
    2 – Alexander Gorelik 
    3 – Andrea Julius Faletta 
    3 – Geert Ham 
    FS – Huyen Pham

    Ladies Individual:
    1 – Pauline Stolarz 
    2 – Alina Gdezyk 
    3 – Sara van Laecken 
    3 – Laure Bellivier 
    FS – Lisa van Laecken 

    Men Individual:
    1 – Sylvain Chodkowski 
    2 – Yusaku Izawa 
    3 – Arnoud Pons 
    3 – Jouke van der Woude 
    FS – Tetsuyuki Okuzono 

    1 – France 2 
    2 – Poland 
    3 – France 3 
    3 – NL-Men 
    FS – Lennert de Moor 

    Special prizes
    – Aya Kröbl 
    – Mariella van der Schans 
    – Fanny Lindström 
    – Gin Ching 
    – Mila Lahdenpohja 
    – Natalia Maj 
    – Agniezska Wial 
    – Lyna Maaziz 

    (photos by Tetsuro Miyazaki)

  • Iaido Referee Seminar and Mudan Tournament

    17 iaidoka, from sandan to godan, from 7 dojo, took part at the Iaido Referee seminar of the NKR on 14 January.
    That afternoon they also were referee during the Iaido Mudan Tournament, also in Zoetermeer .
    This way the NKR works on thu current and future staff.

  • 100% Success rate Kendo exam 26 Nov 2017

    Congratulations to all who have passed their exam.

  • Results Dutch Championships Individual 2017

    Junior Under 14
    1 – Bo-D Coffa (Mokuseikan)
    2 – Noia Pasma (Washinkan Budojo)
    3 – Anne van der Gullik (Mokuseikan)
    3 – Luuk Vincent (Mokuseikan)
    FS – Ryan Ruiter (Mokuseikan)

    Open PDF: NK_Individueel_U14_2017


    Junior Under 18
    1 – Tristan van Leuven (Mokuseikan)
    2 – Jerry Zandstra (Suirankan)
    3 – Levi van Krimpen (Renbukan)
    3 – Kiran van Helfteren (Mokuseikan)
    FS – Bilal El Abassi (Washinkan Budojo)

    Open PDF: NK_Individueel_U18_2017


    1 – Pakwan Ratchatasavee (FuMetsu)
    2 – Mariëlla van der Schans (Shinbukan)
    3 – Fleur Smout (Museido)
    3 – Jori Snels (Museido)
    FS – Taciser Sevinc (Yushinkan)

    Open PDF: NK_Individueel_Dames_2017


    Individual Mixed
    1 – Joeri van der Burgh (FuMetsu)
    2 – Winston Dollee (FuMetsu)
    3 – Pakwan Ratchatasavee (FuMetsu)
    3 – Martin van Dijk (Shinbukan)
    FS – Bram Verhaegh (Renbukan)

    Open PDF NK_Individueel_2017

  • Timetable NK Kendo

    Timetable NK kendo Sunday 19 November

    09:30 Shinai Check
    10:00 Opening Ceremony
    10:15 Junior championship
    12:00 Award ceremony juniors
    12:15 Lunch
    12:45 Ladies championship
    13:39 Individual championship
    16:30 Award ceremony

    Please be on time

  • Last day to register for the Dutch Championship Kendo

    Dear all,

    The deadline to register for the Dutch Championship Kendo is 14:00 today.
    See you Sunday and ganbatte!

    TC Kendo

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