Ishido Cup

ishidoIshido_sensei01_smallDear Iaidoka and Jodoka,

On 27 and 28 January 2024, the Dutch Kendo Renmei organises the annual Ishido Cup. This tournament, named after Ishido sensei, is an open championship to which foreign budoka are welcome to participate. As in the previous years, we will have the opportunity to practice during a seminar that will take place prior to the tournaments.
This edition of the Ishido Cup will be spread over two days: we will practice Iaido on Saturday 27 January, and we will busy ourselves with Jodo on Sunday 28 January.

For iaido there are divisions from mudan up to and including rokudan! For jodo mudan to godan

The jodo part of the 24st edition of the cup will be led by René van Amersfoort sensei kyoshi jodo 8 dan, and Aad van de Wijngaart sensei kyoshi iaido 7 dan will lead the iaido day. Besides the seminar and taikai, there will also be an opportunity for examinations up to 5th dan.
We hope to once more welcome many of you on this first NKR event in the new year.
Best regards on behalf of the NKR,
The Organising Committee

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Teachers for Iaido Teachers for Jodo
Aad van de Wijngaart kyoshi iaido 7dan René van Amersfoort kyoshi jodo 8dan
René van Amersfoort kyoshi iaido 7dan Louis Vitalis kyoshi jodo 7dan
André Schiebroek kyoshi jodo 7dan
Patrik Demuynck kyoshi iaido 7dan Edwin de Wit kyoshi jodo 7dan
André Schiebroek kyoshi iaido 7dan Aad van de Wijngaart kyoshi jodo 7dan
Andy Watson kyoshi iaido 7dan Andy Watson kyoshi jodo 7dan
Louis Vitalis kyoshi iaido and jodo 7dan will be added to the exam panel on both days