The Nederlandse (Dutch) Kendo Renmei (NKR) is the official federation for the Japanse Budo sports; KendoJodo en Iaido in the Netherlands.

The NKR was founded in 1966.
Signed at the Chamber of Commerce in the Hague under number 40341999.

Affiliatated by the International Kendo Federation (FIK) and the European Kendo Federation (EKF).
Affiliated to the NOC*NSF by membership to the Federatie Oosterse Gevechtskunsten (FOG).

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  • Sad message from Japan (30062021)

    Yoshimura sensei passed away

    It was a shock to learn that Yoshimura Ken’ichi sensei has passed away. Since 2006 he has attended every summer seminar of the NKR as a member of the Ishido senseis delegation. Countless participants have fond memories of his cheerfulness and playfulness, but also of the fighting spirit of his budo. He was 8-dan kyoshi in iaido and 7-dan kyoshi in jodo.

    Not everyone knew that he was also a very influential member of the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei. Behind his jokes was a lot of wisdom.

    We wish his loved ones a lot of strength to bear this loss.

  • KENDOBOEK for sale

    Here is the reminder that the Kendo book is still available from the secretary of the NKR.

    The costs are € 15.00 per book (excluding shipping costs). So for those who are interested, an email to the secretary will be fine.

  • Program NK Kendo Teams & Kyu Individual

    Program NK Kendo Teams and Kyu Individual

    10:30 shinai check
    11:00 opening ceremony
    11:10 NK kyu individual
    12:30* lunch
    13:00* NK teams
    15:15* award ceremony

    *might differ

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  • Results Iijima Cup 2019

    Individual Kyu
    1 – Quint Kwakernaak (Kendo Kai Den Haag)
    2 – Erik Koller (Swiss Team)
    3 – Symke Haverkamp (Yushinkan)
    3 – Jerry Zandstra (Suirankan)
    FS- Arjen Lit (Fumetsu)
    Kyu KO

    Individual Ladies
    1 – Dance Yokoo (Kendo München e.V., Germany)
    2 – Pauline Stolarz (Akamon St Etienne, France)
    3 – Mariko Sato (Renshinjuku)
    3 – Sara van Laecken (Kenseikan, Belgium)
    FS- Fleur Smout (Museido)
    Ladies KO

    Individual Men
    1 – Makoto van der Woude (Renshinjuku)
    2 – Aljosa Vuksanovic (Mälmo, Sweden)
    3 – Toru Izumi (Tora Dojo London)
    3 – Matteo Francardo (London Kenyukai)
    FS- Luca Cerfeda (Shubukan Torino, Italy)
    Men KO

    1 – Not as good as Fumetsu (Netherlands)
    2 – BELGIUM Black (Belgium)
    3 – Les Papillons (France, Germany, Poland)
    3 – Les Coqs (France)
    FS- Simeone Niba (Team: Sodai Gaijins, dojo: Jofukan, Italy)

    Special prizes:
    Beste female in tournament: Pauline Stolarz (Akamon St Etienne, France)
    MVP Teams: Jouke van der Woude (Renshinjuku)

  • Program Iijima Cup 2019

    Saturday 16 March 2019

    09:00 Registration & shinai-check
    10:00 Opening ceremony
    10:15 Start Individual Ladies on A + B and Individual Kyu on C + D
    After Lunch Start Individual Men on A, B, C, and D

    Dinner 19:00 in the Sportcafe at Sporthallen Zuid

    Sunday 17 March 2019
    09:00 Registration & shinai-check
    10:00 Opening ceremony
    10:15 Start Teams on A, B, C, and D
    See the Team Poules

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