General NKR exam requirements

General NKR exam requirements

In addition to the points mentioned per discipline, participants in NKR exams must meet the following requirements:

Participation in three or more core training courses or seminars in the twelve months prior to the exam. A training/seminar on the day of the exam also counts.

No contribution arrears
Minimum age:
ikkyu: 12 years
shodan: 14 years
hachidan: 45 years old
Minimum waiting time between exams:
shodan: three months after ikkyu
nidan: one year after shodan
sandan: two years after nidan
yondan: three years after sandan
godan: four years after yondan
rokudan: five years after godan
nanadan: six years after rokudan

Exams abroad or at European Championships

NKR members who want to take exams abroad must request prior written permission from their chairperson. This is an international rule (article 07.01 of the IKF statutes). In this way, the conditions of waiting time and membership of a recognized organization are checked.

The rule also applies to exams during European Championships, even if they are held in the Netherlands, as those exams are then organized by the EKF itself.

In both cases you must therefore contact the Chairman K van Hattum. This must be done in writing, at the latest three weeks before the exam. Enclose a copy of your most recent diploma and state your current address, telephone and e-mail address in your letter. The address is K. van Hattum Hoofdstraat 187, 3114 GD Schiedam.

This will (have) check whether you meet the conditions. After that, the written statement will quickly fall into your letterbox.

A tip: not all examination boards have their affairs in order. If you are asked to send the Chairperson’s statement in advance, bring a copy with you to the exam, as well as a copy of your most recent diploma.

Of course you should always bring your yellow card to the exam. Your passed exams will be noted on this card. You usually receive it after the Shodan exam or earlier with EKF membership.

In addition to these exams, we also have the Shogo system for the ranks renshi, kyoshi and hanshi level. read here for the shogo system

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