Results Kendo Exam 5 Aug 2018

The following kendoka passed their exam:

Otter, Tom
van der Veen, Vincent
Haraszti, Viktor
van Gool, Stefan
Steenhuis, Jasper
Tang, Lai Mei
Beukers, Niels
van Neer, Renier
Kaspers, Hyun Vin
Vliert, van de, Alex
Hamburger, Gideon
Rerimassie, Virgil
van Heerbeek, Stan
Hein, Zeynep
Ratchatasavee, Pakwan
van der Schans, Mariella
Dollee, Winston
van Roij, Ivo
Konstantinov, Oleksandr
Valvekens, Harry
Coelho de Sousa, Luis
Lowin, Daniel

Accessibility Topsportcentrum Rotterdam

The kendo summer seminar is about to start.
Besides the sudden relocation we have some traffic issues this weekend to take into consideration.

Public Transport
Less trains travel from and to Rotterdam (see here)
The Coolsingel is blocked due to roadwork. This means that tram 23 doesn’t go via Coolsingel, but it does depart from Rotterdam Central Station.
Please keep this in mind when traveling via Public Transport.

Parking on Saturday 4th of August
Feyenoord plays an away-game in Eindhoven at 18:00 on Saturday the 4th of August.
This means that the parkinglot isn’t freely accessible (there will be a parking attendant checking valid parking vouchers)
We will issue parking vouchers on Friday during the registration, please show this voucher on arrival on Saturday.

Someone from the organization will stand next to the parking attendant to issue parking vouchers between 08:30 and 09:15 for the participants who start on Saturday.
The parkinglot is only accessible via the Coen Moulijnweg on Saturday.
Please arrive on time, we start at 09:30 on Saturday.