Bron Zanshin 2021 1+ALV

1) Message from the secretary NKR, GMM on June 6 at 11.45 am via Zoom, check your mail today and register.
2) Put the date in your agenda 11/12 September 2021, Kendo summer internship and exams up to and including 5th dan, Information will follow on the website.
3) Also put this date in your diary 4/5 September Iaido- Jodo training and exams up to and including 5th dan, wait for information

Iaido Referee Seminar and Mudan Tournament

17 iaidoka, from sandan to godan, from 7 dojo, took part at the Iaido Referee seminar of the NKR on 14 January.
That afternoon they also were referee during the Iaido Mudan Tournament, also in Zoetermeer .
This way the NKR works on thu current and future staff.