Sad message from Japan

Yoshimura sensei passed away

It was a shock to learn that Yoshimura Ken’ichi sensei has passed away. Since 2006 he has attended every summer seminar of the NKR as a member of the Ishido senseis delegation. Countless participants have fond memories of his cheerfulness and playfulness, but also of the fighting spirit of his budo. He was 8-dan kyoshi in iaido and 7-dan kyoshi in jodo.

Not everyone knew that he was also a very influential member of the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei. Behind his jokes was a lot of wisdom.

We wish his loved ones a lot of strength to bear this loss.

Iaido Referee Seminar and Mudan Tournament

17 iaidoka, from sandan to godan, from 7 dojo, took part at the Iaido Referee seminar of the NKR on 14 January.
That afternoon they also were referee during the Iaido Mudan Tournament, also in Zoetermeer .
This way the NKR works on thu current and future staff.