Kendo Summer Seminar 2023

Looking back at this summer seminar we’ve reviewed a lot of basics. Starting with etiquette and manners we soon found ourselves in practicing footwork. And practice we did. It was hard on the leg muscles and there was room for improvement as we could see on our own recorded performance. If the basics are no good ….. most of us can fill the rest in for them selves. The new way of getting a turn  to do jigeiko  with the Japanese sensei, through colored wristbands, was introduced and made it more fair for everyone.

Saturday evening  a lot of people joined the Japanese sensei in the Korean street food restaurant Hongdae. There was laughter and also clapping and singing. For the latter it turned out that most of us didn’t know why!?! But it was fun!

On Sunday shiai, referee, exams and footwork combined with strikes were practiced in 4 groups. In the afternoon examinations for Ikkyu up until 5th Dan took place. The number of Kenshi that passed for their exam were: 1 x Godan, 1x Yondan, 3 x Sandan, 4x Nidan, 3x Shodan and all 5 Ikkyu.
Overall we can look back on a well organized seminar and examination with 161 attendants from 20 countries.

Thanks to the organization, translators, the Dutch sensei and people who worked invisible to the visitors.
A special thanks to Nabeyama Takahiro sensei,  Iguchi Kiyoshi sensei and Kurogi Yoshinobu sensei for teaching us.