Kendo - EDO Cup

Sunday 22 apr 2018 10:30 - 17:00
There will be multiple tournaments during the Edo Cup.

As always there will be the Edo Cup - Teams of 3.

Like last year a youth tournament will be hosted, but instead of a team tournament there will be two individual categories under 14 and under 18

Due to success of last year there will be another individual 50+ tournament: the Odinot Cup.
The entry age for this tournament is 50 years, because Hein Odinot was an active NKR boardmember for 50 years.

- This tournament is for NKR members only (Become a member).
- Minimum age 3vs3 teams Edo Cup is 18 years. Minor kendoka older than 15 years may participate, if the dojoleader(s) agrees on it.
- Minimum age Odinot Cup is 50 years.
Sporthal Selwerd
Eikenlaan 288
9741 EW Groningen

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Kendo EDO Cup - Teams Randomized


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