Jodo - Ishido cup Examen

Sunday 29 jan 2023 13:00 - 18:00
As a member of the NKR you must fill in the registration form, registration with the EKF is then done by the secretary NKR. Other exam participants must follow the rules below:

Please consider the process of registration for the gradings. International participants are required to:
(1) register for their grading with the EKF – this should be done through the EKF contact for your country;
(2) register before January 21 2023 with us for payment.
We will receive a list on international candidates from the EKF; being on that list will imply permission from your federation and we will thus not require a separate document of proof.

Helsdingen Vianen
Westelijke Parallelweg 1
4133 NH Vianen

Registration is closed

Jodo Ishido cup Examen - Teams Randomized


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Jodo Ishido cup Examen - Teams Randomized


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