Kendo Iaido Jodo - Kendo Kata Takai

Sunday 23 jul 2023 12:30 - 16:30
After the grey winter the sun starts to shine more and more and the spring is in full bloom. What could possibly the summer add to this?

One thing we know about: the Utrecht Kendo Kata Taikai!

Indeed, the 23 of July our taikai will take place. You can’t miss the chance to participate! From the three disciplines that our bond practices, kendo kata is the one thing we share. So this taikai is open to anybody practicing kendo kata.
Are you a kendoka, iaidoka or jodoka? Do you practice any other martial art that has brought you in contact with kendo kata? Come and meet other kenshi to measure our performance and learn from each other.

Please register right away with your partner. There are two categories: in the first the katas asked will be ippon-me, nihon-me and sambon-me. In the second category the full ten katas will be included.

Please notice that if your dan degree in kendo is above sandan, you can only register for the second category. If you are have not achieve your kendo sandan yet, you can compete in the category of your choosing. If your discipline is other than kendo, both categories are open to you. Costs of the inscription are 5 euros per person. (Paid in the Hall)

If you want to know more please mail to
We are very much looking forward to cross bokkens with you in Utrecht!
Date: 23 July 2023
Locatie: Sporthal Nieuw Welgelegen. Grebbeberglaan 13 3527 VX Utrecht
Tijd: 12:30 - 16:30
Grebbeberglaan 13
3527VX Utrecht

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Kendo Iaido Jodo Kendo Kata Takai - Teams Randomized


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Kendo Iaido Jodo Kendo Kata Takai - Teams Randomized


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