Jodo Agenda

Jodo - Examen tm 5-dan

Sunday 11 aug 2019 11:00 - 13:00
Jodo grading will take place in the morning of Sunday 11th August.

Important information pertaining gradings
Please consider the new process of registration for the gradings. International participants are required to:
(1) register for their grading with the EKF – this should be done through the EKF contact for your country;
(2) register with us for payment.
We will receive a list on international candidates from the EKF; being on that list will imply permission from your federation and we will thus not require a separate document of proof.

Regarding the iaido gradings, these will consist of:
– ikkyu to godan: 5 ZNKR shitei waza
There will also be a written exam for all exams from ikkyu and up. The questions will be made available well before time
The payment for your grading certificate will be due on the day of the grading
Indoor Sportcentrum
Theo Koomenlaan 1
5644 HZ Eindhoven

Registration is closed

Jodo Examen tm 5-dan - Teams Randomized

Jodo Examen tm 5-dan - Teams Randomized

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