Jodo - Examen

Saturday 4 sep 2021 15:30 - 17:00
Times are guidelines and may be earlier depending on the number of participants.
It is best to be present all day and to follow the NKR summer seminar from 10.00.
Exams up until 5th dan
For NKR members: No 3 CT\'s necessary
Registration must be received before August 29, 2021, due to registration EKF and sending the theory test:

1e registration fee, paid by subscription:
Ikkyu 10.00, Shodan 15.00, Nidan 20.00, Sandan 30.00, Yondan 50.00 and Godan 70.00 Euro's
2e registration fee, after successful exam:
Ikkyu 15.00, Shodan 20.00, Nidan 30.00, Sandan 50.00, Yondan 70.00 and Godan 100.00 Euro's

You can also PIN the 2e registration fee, after a successful exam, this is preferred.

Please consider the process of registration for the gradings. International participants are required to:
(1) register for their grading with the EKF – this should be done through the EKF contact for your country;
(2) register with us for payment.
We will receive a list on international candidates from the EKF; being on that list will imply permission from your federation and we will thus not require a separate document of proof.

Regarding the jodo gradings, these will consist of:
– ikkyu to godan: 5 ZNKR shitei waza
There will also be a written exam for all the candidates. The questions will be made available well before time.

Examination Committee:
Rene van Amersfoort kyoshi jodo 8dan, Louis Vitalis kyoshi jodo 7dan, André Schiebroek kyoshi jodo 7dan,
Edwin de Wit kyoshi jodo 7dan, Jef Heuvelmans renshi jodo 7dan, Aad van de Wijngaart kyoshi jodo 7dan.
Sporthallen Zuid
Burgerweeshuispad 54
1076 EP Amsterdam

Registration is closed

Jodo Examen - Teams Randomized

Jodo Examen - Teams Randomized

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