Registration Ishido Cup

Registrations for the event are closed.

Important information pertaining gradings below! 

To participate in the event, we humbly ask for a contribution of € 20 per day. Upon advance payment by transfer, you will receive a 10% discount. Cash payment will be possible at the venue. The fees include participation in the taikai.

To avoid long waiting lines during lunch break, it is possible to order your lunch in advance. This pre-ordered lunch includes 3 sandwiches, fruit and 1 drink (milk, coffee, tea or water) and costs € 9.25 per lunch.



For subscribtion click Iaido Jodo Seminaar+embu

Registration for the exams 2021 are closed.

For subscription click Iaido examen t/m 5e dan

For subscgription click Jodo examen t/m 5e dan


Important information pertaining gradings

Please consider the new process of registration for the gradings. International participants are required to:
(1) register for their grading with the EKF – this should be done through the EKF contact for your country;
(2) register with us for payment.
We will receive a list on international candidates from the EKF; being on that list will imply permission from your federation and we will thus not require a separate document of proof.

Regarding the iaido gradings, these will consist of:
ikkyu to sandan: 5 ZNKR shitei waza
yondan and godan: 1 koryu waza, 4 ZNKR shitei waza
There will also be a written exam for all exams from ikkyu and up. The questions will be made available well before time.

Application fee (to be paid in advance) Registration fee (to be paid CASH upon passing)
Ikkyu € 10.00 Ikkyu € 15.00
Shodan € 15.00 Shodan € 20.00
Nidan € 20.00 Nidan € 30.00
Sandan € 30.00 Sandan € 50.00
Yondan € 50.00 Yondan € 70.00
Godan € 70.00 Godan € 100.00

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