Dutch European Jodo Championship Teambuildingweekend


On 21-22 September 2019 the 18th European Jodo Championships will be held in Zawierci Poland. #ejc2019pl organisation by Polish Kendo Renmei and European Kendo Federation.

The Dutch Jodo Team started to train under René van Amersfoort and Elise Heijboer (Teammanager) in a new structure five years ago. Time flies when you have a good jodo Keiko with each other. Every year we have maximum off 24 Teamtraining possibilities and extra Keiko (Ishido Cup; 40 Years Ishido Sensei in Europe, Central Training Dutch Kendo Renmei etc). Among these training also a number of full day Keiko in our Hambakendreef Dojo in Den Bosch.
The other trainings state place in Kiryoku Dojo Zoetermeer. With our renewed concept we start every new season with two new Mudans. In cooperation with the several Dojo within the Dutch Kendo Renmei, they start to visit the Open Jodo Teamtrainings and we develop them to join us to demonstrate their jodo techniques at the European Jodo Championships. Every year we have at the end of our seasonal jodo trainingsprogram, a jodoteambuildingweekend in Den Bosch. The last three years we stay for this weekend in hotel Guldenberg in Helvoirt 20 minutes drive off Den Bosch in a beautiful Nature environment. With good food and beer and other drinks. Socializing is an important part of this weekend following Louis Vitalis Sensei life motto: Gei Ni Asobu.

We trained Friday from 20-2200, Saturday from 10:00-17:30 and Sunday from 10:00-16:00 hours. We trained kihon, kata, drill, individual and teamcompetition and we had a great time! It was exhaustingly, educational and binding. We worked hard and as a group we became stronger! We changed jodo uchidachi and shidachi roles a lot with as many different opponents as possible. Good lunch was served to us! Thank you Veronica and we had as usual The eggs of Tom👍we stayed in a nice hotel and birru Keiko was good too. When doing teamcompetition we had excellent names like: Dalek, Slaanesh and Nalesniki😂😂😂😂Thank you my foreign students to also join this seminar! It was a pleasure!

Friday we travel all to Zawierci by plane. Saturday seminar and referee seminar. Sunday Team and Individual. Sundayevening Sayonara party and Monday travelling back. We wish the Dutch Jodo Team succes at this 18th European Jodo Championships! We have a nice group of Jodoko Individual and Team. It was again a pleasure to work with you all during this season. But guarantee until the door. Gambatte kudasai!


Team The Netherlands 18th European Jodo Championships

Mudan: Bennie Klomp & Merijn van Ham
Shodan: Lorena Zuniga & Roel Croes
Nidan: Sander Pereboom & Kees Bartels
Sandan: Maarten Peereboom & Piotr Kukla
Yondan: Elise Heijboer & Veronica Rijke
Godan: Steven Burgman & Willem Neuteboom

Elise Heijboer, Piotr Kukla, Maarten Peereboom, Kees Bartels


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