Code of conduct within NKR

Code of conduct for athletes within the NKR

You do sports because you enjoy it. So make sure it remains fun. Not only for yourself, but also for the others in your team/training group and for your opponent. We treat each other with respect, everyone participates and is allowed to be themselves. Our objective is that every member of the NKR should be able to participate in our activities, within the limits of safe martial arts practice, unhindered by age, physical or mental health, ethnic background, sexual orientation or social position.

Therefore, apply the rules of conduct below.

The athlete:

Respects others. You have respect for everyone. For the opponent(s), your teammates, the referee, your trainers, the spectators and everyone else. Pay attention to your language and how you present yourself to others. Give everyone the feeling that he or she can move freely. During matches, performances are assessed by three referees, who must judge independently of each other in good faith. Respects their decisions. Important conditions for achieving success on or around the playing field are acceptance, tolerance and empathy, and good communication overall.

Is open. If you are asked to do something that goes against your own feelings, norms and values: report this, because then something can be done about it. You can report this, for example, to the dojo leader and/or the board. For questions and reports you can also contact the VCP and the NKR and/or Centrum Veilige Sport Nederland.

Respects agreements. Arrive on time, sign out (on time), listen to instructions and stick to the rules.

Treats the environment well. Don’t break anything, respect everyone’s property. Leave the locker room tidy. Clean up the materials. Throw waste in the waste bins.

Stay away from others. Do not touch anyone against their will (outside of normal sporting practice).

Sticks to the rules. Read the regulations, house rules, this code of conduct and all other agreements and adhere to them.

Does not affect anyone’s worth. Refrain from discriminatory, disparaging or intimidating comments and behavior. Don’t leave anyone out and be tolerant.

Does not discriminate. Make no distinction based on religion, belief, political opinion, race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, age or other characteristics.

Is honest and sporty. Do not cheat, do not use verbal or physical violence, do not use doping. Try to prevent injuries to your partner.

Fight during training or competitions, but not outside. Use what you have learned in a martial art only for defense.

Report violations of this code of conduct. Report violations of this code to the board and/or confidential contact person of the sports club or your sports association. For questions and reports you can also contact the Center for Safe Sports Netherlands. for example ( or call 0900-2025590). They will then discuss with you what you can do. NB: If someone has shared something confidential with you, please contact the Center

Drink alcohol in moderation after exercise and do not drink if he or she still has to participate in traffic.

Code of conduct for volunteers within the NKR

Volunteers are indispensable for training, teaching and organizing the three disciplines that fall under the Dutch Kendo Renmei. To ensure mutual cooperation runs as smoothly as possible, it is our job to ensure a clear, pleasant and positive volunteer environment. This requires clear agreements, so that we know now and in the future what we have to do to maintain and improve the image of our martial art and the motivation of all those dedicated volunteers.
What do we mean by a volunteer?
The NKR defines a volunteer as someone who voluntarily performs work for the NKR. In the NKR situation, these may be administrators, trainers, coaches or persons charged with a specific task. This could include: Zanshin editorial team, technical committee member or VCP member. There is no employment relationship. The work is unpaid. However, an expense allowance can be paid that remains within the limits set by the tax authorities.

The volunteer:
Puts the well-being of everyone first.
Promotes a positive sports culture. You remain positive in the treatment of others. The development of all athletes is central. Training methods, agreements and rules of conduct do not endanger the well-being of the athletes.
Ensures that spectators and supporters make a positive contribution. Spectators and supporters are encouraged to treat all athletes with respect.
Performs the tasks assigned properly. You indicate in time if you need help carrying out the tasks. You take responsibility for the tasks you perform. You coordinate tasks with others where necessary and communicate about this in a positive way. You respect the role of others and you stick to your own role.
Adheres to (inter)national rules, codes of conduct, guidelines and policies. You are aware of this and act in the spirit of these frameworks. You adhere to the statutes and internal regulations of the NKR. You do not post NKR-related confidential or unreleased information on the internet or social media and you do not share it with third parties.
Respects others. Make sure you talk to others instead of about them. If anything is unclear, ask the person in question what the situation is. Where necessary, you give others feedback in a positive way so that everyone can continue to develop. You treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. You do not portray others or the NKR in a negative light at all, because you have in mind that we are all working towards the same goal.
The aim is to move the NKR forward. You contribute ideas that can help the NKR further at the right time. Once decisions have been made, you act on the decisions and you can also explain them to others. You ensure that questions, complaints and comments are addressed to the person responsible.