Jolanda’s Career as a Kendoka

After Jolanda’s stay in Kanazawa in 1981/1982, she developed a great skill as a Kendoka and became very successful in Kendo Shiai.

Here is a list of some of Jolanda’s main awards as a Kendoka, but she also won fighting spirit awards at the WKC, and even joined the best 8 on the WKC, only to be beaten by a Japanese Kendoka. She also won many smaller Kendo tournaments in The Netherlands and Belgium.

In the early 1980’s the Mumeishi tournament in London was the biggest Kendo event in Europe, much bigger than the EKC at the time. The first time Jolanda joined it she became 2nd, and then she won it three times in a row.

Mumeishi 1983 2nd place

Mumeishi 1984 1st place

Mumeishi 1985 1st place

Mumeishi 1986 1st place

Jolanda also entered in the Nederlandse Kendo Kampioenschappen, which were a mixed tournament in the old days, so she was fighting with the men and women.

NKK individual 1983 3rd place

NKK individual 1984 Fighting Spirit

NKK 1986 team 1st place

NKK 1987 team 3rd place

NKK team 1988 3rd place

Another major Kendo Taikai in Europe is the Tournoi de Paris. Here Jolanda won as well.

Tournoi de Paris 1989 1st place

Also at the famous Nakakura Cup she was successful, but we don’t know exactly in which years.

Nakakura Cup 2nd place

Nakakura Cup 3rd place

In 1985 there was no official ladies division for the WKC, there was a women goodwill tournament.

Only an American Japanese Kendoka was strong enough to beat Jolanda!

The first editions of the Iijima Cup were mixed, so she had to fight the men as well. Still she won the Taikai 2 times, once in 1993 and once in 1996.

Iijima Cup 1993, 1st place

Iijima Cup 1996, 1st place

1989 was the first time an official lady’s division was held on the EKC, in Amsterdam.

EKC individual 1989 1st place

EKC individual 1990 fighting spirit

EKC individual 1993 fighting spirit

EKC individual  1996 2nd place

In 1997, Jo was already 39 years old, she still was active in Kendo Shiai, and was able to compete with much younger opponents.

1997 WKC Kyoto, Fighting Spirit

Overview of other medals Jo won, such Dutch Championships, Coupe des Coupes, etc

In July 2000 Jolanda participated in the Kawasaki city amateur Kendo championships, Ladies Division.

Here she won 3rd place. Please keep in mind that Kendo in Kanagawa prefecture and Kawasaki is extremely high level, even in Japan, so this is no small feat!



The New Jikimon System under Ishido Sensei

In April 2019 I visited Ishido Sensei in Kawasaki and asked him about re-organizing the Monjin system under Ishido Sensei. By this time, Chris Mansfield and Len Bean had left the Ishido group so it was time to revise the Dojo organization under Ishido Sensei.

He decided to use the classical term “Jikimon” (直門), which he found in the old Muso Shinden Jushin Ryu writings that were given from each teacher to their most trusted students.

The following persons were appointed as Jikimon in Europe:

Jock Hopson (Iaido Kyoshi 7 Dan, Jodo Kyoshi 7 Dan, Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan)

Vic Cook (Iaido Kyoshi 7 Dan, Jodo 5 Dan, Kendo 4 Dan)

Lee Loi  (Iaido Renshi 7 Dan, Jodo Renshi 7 Dan)

Louis Vitalis (Iaido Kyoshi 7 Dan, Jodo Kyoshi 7 Dan, Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan)

Takao Momiyama (Iaido Kyoshi 7 Dan, Jodo Renshi 7 Dan, Kendo 5 Dan)

Andy Watson (Iaido Renshi 7 Dan, Jodo Renshi 7 Dan)

Dominique Losson (Iaido Renshi 6 Dan, Jodo 5 Dan)

Ishido Sensei’s History in Europe

In April 2019 Ishido Sensei gave me his personal notes on his teaching history in Europe. I will not translate the whole document, but here are only a few highlights. He doesn’t name any names of Europeans, just events. He describes his first meeting with me in 1983.

This was used for Sensei’s Hanshi Diploma application.

First time visit to UK. Research of actual situation of Budo and the BKA in the UK and finding out what people think about Budo.

Third Seminar. For the first time met the Technical Director of the Oranda Kendo Renmei (NKR) and three others from The Netherlands. (This is Sensei’s reference to me, since he doesn’t name any person’s names in this document).

First time Seminar in The Netherlands, followed by the 4th Seminar in the UK.

After the 8th Seminar in The Netherlands, first official EKF / NKR Iaido European Taikai is organized. From now on it will be organized by different countries every year. My Dream came true.

12th Seminar in The Netherlands. Based on a request by the NKR, the Jodo Championships will be held together with the Iaido Championships.

November. The Netherlands, Papendal. 11th European Iaido Taikai, combined with 1st European Jodo Taikai. (Ishido Sensei is part of the official ZNKR delegation).

It also mentions the seven times that Sensei was part of the official ZNKR delegation.