Before going into the chronological development of my Budo career, I want to explain where my Kendo, Iaido and Jodo lineage comes from.

I started kendo in Amsterdam on March 20, 1976, under Willem Alexander. He learned Kendo from a Japanese Judo teacher, Morioka sensei, who was teaching Judo in the Netherlands at that time and taught some kendo to a limited number of people.

In 1977 I went to Japan with Ed and Roelof Roosterman, to join the Kitamoto Kendo Gashuku for foreigners, and to receive teaching from Edo Kokichi Sensei. Just before I started Kendo, Edo Sensei had been teaching Kendo in Amsterdam for 6 months, and Ed and Roelof had been joining his classes.

In 1979 Edo Sensei introduced me to one of his senior Deshi, Iijima Akira Sensei. Almost 40 years later Iijima Sensei and I are still very close, and he still helps me with my study in Kendo.

In 1983, my long time Kendo friend and Sempai, Jock Hopson asked me to join a seminar in the UK that he organized with Ishido Sensei. Because I already learned the Jodo Seitei Kata from Edo Sensei in 1981, and because I could help with translating, he invited me to attend this seminar and help. Since then I have developed a close relation with Ishido Sensei as well and I was appointed as one of the European first generation Deshi, together with Jock Hopson, Vic Cook and Lee Ah Loi.

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