Preface Edo Kokichi Sensei

Louis Vitalis自叙伝       

42年前、日本の伝統的身体文化としての剣道・杖道・居合を学ぶため、オランダアムステルダムから古都金沢に弱冠18歳ルイ ビタリス君がやってきました。




金沢大学名誉教授・NPO法人日本武道修学院代表理事 惠土孝吉



42 years ago, at only 18-year-old, Louis Vitalis came all the way from Amsterdam to the old city of Kanazawa to learn Kendo, Iaido and Jodo, which are part of the traditional Japanese physical culture.

Recently he was active as referee at the finals of the World Kendo Championships, where the best team of the world is decided, which is a great responsibility. He has grown to the most able Budoka in Europe, with Kyoshi 7th Dan in Kendo, Iaido and Jodo.

For me, as someone who has practiced Japanese Budo together with him, as a way of improving body, mind and technique, this feat is something to make a big compliment on.

Now he is approaching 60 years of age, and he is looking back on the process of his Budo training, with all the ups and downs and very rich in drastic changes, in  his memoires, with the intention to further deepen the inheritance of Japanese Budo.

For everyone all over the world, who has an interest in Japanese Budo I am hoping that the memoires of the Budoka Louis will be helpful into becoming Japanese Budo enthusiasts and successors.

Edo Kokichi

Kanazawa University Honorary Professor; NPO Nihon Budo Shugakuin Director 

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