Preface Hein Odinot Sensei

From almost   the foundation of the  kendo  Renmei in the  Netherlands,  it is certain that Louis Vitalis was involved  with kendo  training. Iaido and Jodo came some years later in the focus of interest in our country.

Louis was  promoted Shodan Kendo and Iaido on the 13th august 1977 and Shodan Jodo on the 12th august 1984.

After many years of hard and intense training  Louis  reached the 7th dan level  in all three disciplines!

He was the only European,  together  with a member of the British Kendo Association,  with three 7th dan grades.

Now he  has been  involved in  a  long period of teaching, not only in the Netherlands, but also in  many countries in Europe.

He can also look back at  excellent career as an important and skilled International referee.

 May I conclude with the  remark that Louis Vitalis can be mentioned  an icon of Budo and that this conclusion  justifies my opinion that we can be very proud of him and that he is an outstanding  member of our federation!!

Hein Odinot,

honorary President NKR.

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