Due to unforeseen circumstances, the canteen at the hall will not be open during the Ishido Cup. People who have ordered lunch with their registration will have theirs, as these will be prepared elsewhere, but those who did not should bring their own, as this means that you will not be able to buy lunch on the spot.
The only available items will be tea and coffee, but keep in mind these will only be available during the breaks – and not during the tournaments nor exams, as the bar will be manned by participants.

The Lunch consisting of 3 filled sandwiches and something to drink for an amount of € 8.50. This can be ordered and paid in advance.

The location of the Sayonara party is not yet known,  but participation will be at € 35.00, and dinner will be based on a Chinese/Indian buffet and include soft drinks, beer, wine, coffee and tea. This should also be ordered upon registration.