Nederlands KLIK HIER

Friday 26 to Monday 29 January 2018

Inschrijving sluit op 19 januari om 08:00.
Registration will close on 19 January at 08:00.

For further details, click here.

Algemene informatie: De kosten voor deelname aan het gehele seminars bedragen bij vooruitbetaling € 110,00, deelname jodo of iaido € 60,00 per discipline. Dit is inclusief deelname aan de taikai. We zouden u willen verzoeken uw betaling te doen voor 20 januari 2018 op:
IBAN: NL42 INGB 0003 2231 56 t.n.v. Nederlandse Kendo Renmei Rotterdam, o.v.v. Ishido Cup 2018.
De kosten staan onderaan het formulier vermeld onder 'totaal'.

Als u betaalt aan de sporthal zijn de kosten voor het gehele seminar € 130.00 en per discipline € 70.00.

General information: Upon advance payment, a discount is given and the participation fees are €60 per discipline or €110.00 for both iaido and jodo. Participation in the taikai is included in the fees. We would like to request you pay in advance before 20 January 2018. You can do so via bank transfer to:
IBAN: NL42 INGB 0003 2231 56 ad Nederlandse Kendo Renmei, quoting Ishido Cup 2018.
The costs are shown at the end of the form under ‘total’.

If you want to pay in cash at the venue, the fees will be €70 per discipline or €130.00 for both iaido and jodo.

Seminars and taikai

If you intend to pay by bank transfer, please select from this field.
Jodo seminar (Friday 26) & taikai (Saturday 27): € 60.00
Iaido seminar (Sunday 28) & taikai (Monday 29): € 60.00
Both iaido and jodo seminars & taikai: € 110.00

Please transfer the amount mentioned at the end of the form to the Nederlandse Kendo Renmei, Rotterdam
IBAN: NL42 INGB 0003 2231 56 quoting Ishidocup 2018, before 20 January 2018

If you intend to pay cash at the venue, please select from this field.
Jodo seminar (Friday 26) & taikai (Saturday 27): € 70.00
Iaido seminar (Sunday 28) & taikai (Monday 29): € 70.00
Both iaido and jodo seminars & taikai: € 130.00

Please note: You are automatically registered for the takai of the disciplines you will attend.
If you do not wish to participate, please let us know by mentioning this in the remarks field or single Jodo or Iaido seminar.


To avoid long waiting lines during lunch break, it is possible to order your lunch in advance. This pre-ordered lunch includes 3 sandwiches and 1 drink (milk, coffee, tea or water) and costs € 8.25 per lunch.

Sayonara party

The Sayonara party will be on Saturday, from 19:00 until 22:00.
Similar to last year, we will have a warm/cold buffet called 'Live and Cooking'. The costs are € 35,00 with a selection of drinks included (soft drinks, beer, wine, coffee and tea). The venue is Hotel Van Der Valk, which is at a walking distance from the dojo.

Grading (if applicable)

Please note: Candidates from outside the Netherlands will require written permission from the head of their national federation, wich must be handed in on the day of the grading.



The total costs can be paid in advance to the treasurer of the Nederlandse Kendo Renmei at Rotterdam,
IBAN: NL42 INGB 0003 2231 56 quoting "Ishido Cup 2018"

Application fee (be paid in advance)Registration fee (to be paid CASH upon passing)
Ikkyu  € 10.00Ikkyu  € 15.00
Shodan  € 15.00Shodan  € 20.00
Nidan  € 20.00Nidan  € 30.00
Sandan  € 30.00Sandan  € 50.00
Yondan  € 50.00Yondan  € 70.00
Godan  € 70.00Godan  € 100.00

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